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Mango EMS

Education Management System

Our suite of tightly integrated modules covers every aspect of modern health sciences education. Mango EMS includes all the modules below, as well as key tools for managing the business and operations of your institution.

  • Central administration
  • Portal
  • Role-based security across all modules
  • Customized organizational branding
  • Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Integration with third party tools available (with SLA)
  • Responsive design (mobile- and tablet-ready)
  • Support for multiple schools/organizations (Medicine, Nursing, Public Health, Pharmacy)

Mango LMS

Learning Management System

  • Administration (course, learning materials, sessions, events, tools, policy management and acknowledgment, attendance tracking)
  • Program management and requirements tracking
  • Tracking and reporting (student progress, requirements)
  • Scheduling and consolidated calendar
  • Social learning (discussion spaces, student learning material sharing with tagging and ratings)
  • Student group/club spaces (events, calendar)
  • Gradebook
  • Surveys and evaluations of faculty and sstudents
  • Clerkship management (track procedures/encounters, attending/observer approval, custom forms and file management)
  • Interactive Learning Modules (ILMs)
  • Flexible group management
  • System-wide content tagging
  • Personal content tagging

Mango CM

Curriculum Management

  • AAMC Curriculum Inventory integration
  • Relational curriculum design, management and evaluation from overall competencies through course and session objectives
  • Interdisciplinary curriculum support
  • Pre-built and custom curriculum reporting
  • Faculty Teaching Hours tracking and reporting
  • Longitudinal course support
  • Universal competency support (AAMC PCRS, MedBiquitous, CanMEDS, AACOM, and ACGME)
  • UMLS and custom taxonomy support
  • Custom fields

Mango CRM

Customer/Student Relationship Management

  • Advising
  • Scheduling
  • Interaction tracking
  • Role-based access to student information/outcomes
  • Notes
  • Case management
  • Group management
  • Snap shot views/widgets of data from other modules

Mango Apply

Program Application Manager & Data Collection Instrument

Build dynamic applications with multipart forms for programs within your institution. Mango Apply makes it easy to create and manage powerful application processes for outreach programs, specialty education tracks, scholarships and more. Once applications are complete, use Mango Apply to manage your onboarding process for accepted candidates.

  • Dynamic form builder for simple or multi-part applications
  • First- and third-party document submission
  • Data design tools
  • Reminders and alerts
  • Scheduling/deadlines
  • Applications process
  • Program application landing pages

Mango Documents

Document Manager

Documents submitted in other modules can automatically be stored and indexed in Mango Documents.

  • Document repository
  • Custom document types
  • Searching and reporting

Mango Analytics

Reporting and Data Analysis

  • Dashboard with configurable data widgets
  • Alerts based on key performance metrics
  • Show aggregate student data
  • Track student progress
  • Generate Teaching Hours and other key reports